[Assam] NASA astronaut and ISRO scientist at Techniche (The Sentinel, 07.09.2009)

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 NASA astronaut and ISRO scientist at Techniche

Sept 6: ISRO scientist and Chandrayaan chief scientist PJ Bhatt and
NASA astronaut Colonel Edward Michael Fincke today enthralled thousands
of participants from across the country who had gathered at the Indian
Institute of Technology Guwahati (IIT-G) on the third day of Techniche’
09 – the annual techno-management festival of IIT-G.
  PJ Bhatt
presented an insight into the elaborate preparations and future impact
of the Chandrayaan mission. Titled ‘A Unique Mission to the Moon’, his
presentation included live pictures of the take-off and the ISRO
control centre. “This (Chandrayaan mission) has ushered us into a new
era of international cooperation as proposals from NASA, ESA as well as
from other counties have been accepted for its successful
implementation,” said Bhatt.
Bhatt further said an important part of
the Chandarayaan is the MIP (moon impact probe) which is meant for
hoarding information about the moon’s surface. This will play an
important role in the future explorations of the satellite for a clean
source of energy in Helium-3, which is abundant on the moon, said
Bhatt. The afternoon session of the day experienced a full house
audience captivated by the presence of NASA astronaut Colonel Fincke.
Addressing the students, Fincke said, “Techniche has been a fantastic
experience. After visiting this place, I am pretty confident of the
planet’s future which lies in your hands”. Referring to the past two
days that he spent interacting with students and participating in
various events like Techniche ’09, he said,“Talking to IIT students, I
have figured that there is a potential in these young people to make
impossible things possible!”
 When asked about his experience in the
International Space Station where he has already spent over a year’s
time, he said, “People feel space explorations can get lonely. But it
is not so when you look down and have over six billion smiles cheering
you.” Other features of the day included an interactive session on
Sculptural Robotics by Dan Roe from the United States and a career
Techniche’09 has seen the participation of students from
various technical institutes across the country like IIT Kharagpur and
NIT Warangal. Innovative ideas on the utilization of clean natural
resources such as bio-diesel were presented by school students from
across the nation as a part of Technothlon. An exhibition by the Indian
Army on some of the latest technical developments in defense and
espionage was also held as part of Techniche’ 09. IIT-G students also
organized a blood donation camp that concluded today, stated a press

(The Sentinel,07.09.2009)

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