[Assam] Google Translation Assamese Version

Rajen Barua barua25 at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 12 05:03:43 IST 2010

 Dear FriendsGoogle Translation Assamese Version is only 81% complete.  Please join others in the translation process and help to see Assamese language on web. The Hindi , Bengali, Kannada, Bihari etc. are already available on web. Once we do it in Assamese, we can try in oher NE languages also. It is not difficult. I tried it and could add 10 phrases today. It is now down to 274 phrases left to be done on the main menue. Don't be bogged down by quality of Assamese translation. The point is to complete the phrases first. If you have any questions, technical or literary, please ask. Let us do it.Rajen BaruaHouston  Tips from Manajit Nath (Hydearabad): In my case:1. I went to http://www.google.com/transconsole/giyl/chooseProject first. I was already logged into gmail and opened it in another tab.2. It asks me to select a language- i select assamese.3. Then it shows me the page in attached screenshot1.4. Now in that screenshot page, you can select any PRODUCT , and it wil show you 3 options:                Translate newTranslate new messages                               Edit allEdit existing translations                   Edit yoursEdit your previously submitted translations 5. Now while you will be entering new msg or edit other's or yours , then you need to type axomiya. In that case, you will need to use AVRO or others to type axomiya letters. 6) Instead of downloading AVRO, use this one to write axomiya :http://www.keymanweb.com/go/asm/sabdalipiunicodehttp://help.keymanweb.com/keyboards/Keyboard_sabdalipiunicode.phpYou can write on that specified box in the above webpage , and then copy paste in the google translation page. Here are some suggestions how to do it.From Kanchan Gogoi:You can use Avro Keyboard or Baraha Keyboard to input Assamese Characters.Links:Avro Keyboard:http://www.omicronlab.com/avro-keyboard.htmlBaraha:http://www.baraha.com/download.htmGoogle Translation Assamese Version Page:http://www.google.com/transconsole/giyl/chooseProjectFirst Go to https://www.google.com/accounts/ManageAccountand select Assamese as your preferred language. Another easy method is to use Lipikar


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