National and international CURRENT AFFAIRS and important events happened on June 2022

1. Who sworn-in as the new Chief Minister of Maharashtra?
Ans: Eknath Shinde 

2. Who sworn-in as the new deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra?
Ans: Devendra Fadnavis

3. What is the new name of Aurangabad district in Maharashtra?
Ans: Sambhaji Nagar 

4. What is the new name of Osmanabad district in Maharashtra?
Ans: Dharashiv 

5. What is the new name of Navi Mumbai International Airport in Maharashtra?
Ans: DB Patil International Airport

6. From which date, India will ban manufacture, import, stocking, distribution, sale and use of identified single use plastic items?
Ans: 1 July

7. On which day, National Statistics Day was observed in India?
Ans: 29 June 

8. In which State of India, Lord Jagannath Yatra takes place every year?
Ans: Odisha

9. Name the Attorney General for India whose term has been extended by the President of India for a period of three months?
Ans: K.K. Venugopal

10. Huge reserves of Uranium have been found in an area of 1086.46 hectares at Rohil in Khandela tehsil of Sikar district. Sikar is a district of which Indian State?
Ans: Rajasthan 

11. Name the former Punjab DGP who took over the charge of Director-General of the National Investigation Agency (NIA)?
Ans: Dinkar Gupta

12. Who has been appointed as the new CEO of NITI Aayog? He will succeed Amitabh Kant.
Ans: Parameswaran Iyer

13. Vanijya Bhawan is the new premises of which Union Ministry?
Ans: Ministry of Commerce and Industry 

14. Who has been named as the Presidential candidate of the ruling NDA coalition?
Ans: Draupadi Murmu

15. Who took oath as the new Chief Justice of the Delhi High Court?
Ans: Justice Satish Chandra Sharma 

16. Name the former Union Minister who was chosen as the consensus candidate from the opposition parties for the Presidential polls?
Ans: Yashwant Sinha 

17. Name the place in Meghalaya which has set a new rainfall record of highest single-day rainfall in June since 1966, breaking Cherrapunji’s record as the wettest place on earth? It received 1003 mm rainfall in 24 hours.
Ans: Mawsynram 

18. Which state has won the first prize in the National MSME Awards for outstanding contribution in the promotion and development of MSME Sector?
Ans: Odisha

19. Which Indian state has been ranked at the first position in Asia’s Global Start-up Ecosystem Report 2022?
Ans: Kerala

20. Who will succeed TS Tirumurti as India’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations?
Ans: Ruchira Kamboj

21. The entire capacity of the recently launched GSAT-24 satellite has been leased out to which Direct-to-Home (DTH) service provider?
Ans: Tata Play

22. Which city will host FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup 2022 Finals?
Ans: Navi Mumbai

23. Who has developed the world’s first anti-gravity body suit that will allow astronauts to perform yoga in space? It will help astronauts strengthen muscles and prevent loss of bone density minerals.
Ans: AIIMS-Delhi 

24. Who has become the first Indian to have 200 million followers on Instagram?
Ans: Virak Kohli

25. Which country became India’s largest trading partner in FY 2021-22 replacing China? Bilateral trade between India and this country stood at US$119.42 billion.
Ans: USA

26. What is the new National record in the javelin throw?
Ans: 89.30 meter

27. Who has created a new National record in the javelin throw with his career-best throw of 89.30 meters at Paavo Nurmi Games 2022 in Finland?
Ans: Neeraj Chopra 

28. Which medal is won by Neeraj Chopra in the javelin throw event in Paavo Nurmi Games 2022?
Ans:  Silver

29. Name the 16-year old boy who has become India’s first weightlifter to win a gold at the IWF Youth World Championships in Leon, Mexico?
Ans: Gurunaidu Sanapathi

30. Who is the author of the book – Fearless Governance?
Ans: Kiran Bedi

31. Name the Indian men’s football team captain who has become the joint fifth highest goalscorer (84) in international football history? He has now equaled the number of goals by legendary Real Madrid and Hungarian player Ferenc Puskas.
Ans: Sunil Chhetri

32. Which Indian city is sinking at an average rate of 2mm every year because of a geographical phenomenon known as land subsidence?
Ans: Mumbai

33. Name the veteran Indian cricketer who has announced her retirement from all forms of International Cricket on June 8, 2022?
Ans: Mithali Raj

34. What is the name of India’s first COVID-19 vaccine for animals? The vaccine can be safely used on dogs, lions, leopards, mice and rabbits.
Ans: Ancovax

35. What is India’s rank on Environmental Performance Index 2022 with a score of 18.9?
Ans: 180 

36. India beat which country by 6-4 to won the inaugural FIH Hockey 5s championship on June 5, 2022?
Ans: Poland

37. India’s first Liquid Mirror Telescope has been commissioned in which state?
Ans: Uttarakhand

38. Which Indian airport has become first in the country to be fully powered by renewable energy (hydro and solar)?
Ans: Delhi 

39. Name the 19 year old chess player from Telangana who has become India’s 74th Chess Grandmaster?
Ans: P. Rahul Srivatshav


1. On which day World Asteroid Day 2022 was observed?
Ans: 30 Jun

2. Which two countries have been invited to join NATO?
Ans: Sweden and Finland

3. Which two countries have applied to join the BRICS Block?
Ans: Iran and Argentina

4. Which country has recently launched a 25.5 meter-long solid-fueled rocket into space called Zuljanah?
Ans: Iran 

5. Who became the first tennis player to win 80 matches at each of the four Grand Slam tennis tournaments with 1st round win at Wimbledon?
Ans: Novak Djokovic

6. Who is the first player to score an ODI hundred for two countries? He has played for both Ireland and England.
Ans: Eoin Morgan

7. Who has become the most followed person on TikTok recently?
Ans: Khaby Lame

8. On which day International Olympic Day was observed?
Ans: 23 June 

9. In which country the 48th G7 summit was held from 26 to 28 June 2022?
Ans: Germany

10. In which country a powerful earthquake of 5.9 magnitude has killed at least 1,000 people and injured 1,500?
Ans: Afghanistan

11. What was the theme of International Yoga Day 2022?
Ans: Yoga for Humanity

12. On which day International Yoga Day was observed?
Ans: 21 June 

13. Which country hosted the 14th BRICS Summit on 23rd June 2022?
Ans: China

14. On which day World Refugee Day was observed?
Ans: 20 June

15. The Khuvsgul Lake National Park has been added to the World Network of Biosphere Reserves. It is located in which country?
Ans: Mongolia 

16. Which four countries are the members of the recently formed I2U2 grouping?
Ans: India, Israel, UAE and the US 

17. Which country has been ranked at top position in the World Competitive Index 2022 released on June 15, 2022?
Ans: Denmark

18. On which day World Blood Donor Day was observed?
Ans: 14 June

19. Name the popular browser by Microsoft which was officially retired on June 15, 2022?
Ans: Internet Explorer (IE)

20. In which year Internet Explorer (IE) was launched by Microsoft?
Ans: 1995

21. Which city hosted the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Summit 2022?
Ans: Madrid (Spain)

22. Algeria has suspended two-decades-old friendship treaty with which country?
Ans: Spain

23. Who has become the first batsman to score three consecutive hundreds on two separate occasions in ODIs?
Ans: Babar Azam

24. On which day World Oceans Day was observed?
Ans: 8 June

25. Which country has topped the Environmental Performance Index 2022 with a total score of 77.9, followed by United Kingdom and Finland?
Ans: Denmark 

26. On which day World Food Safety Day was observed?
Ans: 7 June

27. Who has won his 14th French Open title and 22nd Grand Slam after beating first-time Grand Slam finalist Casper Ruud in the men’s singles final on June 5, 2022?
Ans: Rafael Nadal 

28. Who has become the first England player to complete 17,000 runs in International cricket?
Ans: Joe Root 

29. Which country has officially changed its name?
Ans: Turkey

30. On which day World Bicycle Day was observed?
Ans: 3 June

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